Coach Ethics

Coaches Ethics and Responsibilities

All coaches are required to follow all KLMSteelers and Capital Beltway League code of ethics  They are also required to do a criminal background check. It is required that all coaches in the CBL league are certified through USA Football America. Coaches will be required to update credentials on an annual basis. It is expected that all KLM Steeler coaches maintain open lines of communication with parents, coaches and volunteers. The focus of KLM Steeler coaches is to teach, prepare, and encourage all participants. No exceptions will be tolerated.
2011 KLM Steelers Football Coaches Certifications will be done through USA Football. Please click on USA FOOTBALL to complete your certification.

Team/player evaluations-
This can be a very confusing time during the beginning of each football season. There is an evaluation period, in which coaches will evaluate each child within their own weight class. During these evaluations each weight class will broken down into 2 to 3 teams based on the overall number of participants. Every player that registers will start out on the AAA Level and will either remain there or be moved to a lower level. This movement is usually determined by the player’s age, experience, maturity both mental and physical, and ability. The movement of players is to ensure fairness, safety and proper player development.

Playing time-
Playing time is a function of attitude and attendance in practice. Please be clear on this, Football is a game of preparation. Many coaches, if given the opportunity to work with your child can overcome lack in size, strength, or speed. But they can not overcome repetition or training. Your child is a part of a team. It is not a requirement for your child to play if they have not been given a proper opportunity to prepare. Safety will always be a priority within our program. If attending practice is something you cannot control. Please communicate this with your child’s coach, team manager, or other parents. Someone will lend a helping hand for your child.

Player Positions-
Positions are assigned by the coaches on the staff. Each staff has their own method of evaluation and the KLM Steelers administration does not limit or restrict their ability to assign position on their teams. I would ask that if a parent has a question or concern with their child’s position that they communicate with the coach directly. However, in fairness to the coach and team, this should be done before or after practice.

Maryland ID Cards-
Every player is required to secure a non-drivers Maryland ID card!
To participate with our football program and the Capital Beltway League, your child will need a Maryland Department of Motor Vehicle non drivers ID Card. The id cards will be used to verify your child identity during game day weigh ins and will usually remain in possession the team manager and or head coach throughout the season. Id cards should be obtained no later than the first week of August. Id cards are also used for or club weight in day. If you are not eligible to obtain a Maryland Id, a foreign national may use a Passport. Please check the Maryland motor vehicle website for locations were you can obtain an ID card.