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Welcome to KLM Steelers Football Program - 2016, Home of the 2014 NG 365 12U MARYLAND STATE CHAMPIONS!

From William Mack, Commissioner of KLM for 29 years
As the Commissioner of the KLM Football Program for the past 29 years, I know what it takes to run a football program. I know each kid requires special attention in different ways to succeed. I will make sure that happens. The KLM Steelers Football Program has no boundaries. Kids can participate from all areas. Kids can play with their best friends, their cousins, etc. If they can get to practices and games, all are welcomed.

We will also have the following teams; Flag and 6U ,8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U teams (no weight restrictions), will play under the umbrella of the Greater Metropolitan Youth Football League (GMYFL). All football players must have a Maryland Non-Driver’s License ID from the MVA. Please arrange to take your kid to MVA for this ID.

We have an excellent coaching staff eager to teach, lift the confidence and spirits of the kids. We pride ourselves on preparing kids for the next level of football and education.

We are seeking additional cheerleaders to help cheer on our 10 teams. The KLM Lady Steelers - Cheerleaders certainly pulled together team spirit for the players and spectators. We are expecting an exciting Cheerleader season.

Make sure you schedule time to come see our games, the cheerleaders, and the KLMSteelers drum-line and band. It’s going to be a real game experience!

KLM Steelers Football
William Mack 301-627-3046,
William H Mack Jr. 301-801-3930


KLM Steelers: Continuing The Legacy

Coach William Mack Jr. is continuing the legacy of his father Coach William Mack Sr. who has been the commissioner of the KLM Steelers for the past 25 years.

The Steelers have been an historically successful program in the Kettering, Largo and Mitchelville area of PG County. Coach Mack Sr. has been a Coach, Teacher, Father, big brother and Mentor to so many young men in our community that the true magnitude of his time and sacrifices can not be measured.

The Steelers were unanimously voted into the GMYFL for the 2013 season not only because of there rich history but the great leadership that William Mac Jr. (pictured above) have shown guiding them to there next chapter of success. The Steelers have won so many championships but the apex of there program is not just about X's and O's but more about touching the lives of the young men and women in there community. "It takes a village to raise a child," is such an overused cliché but the KLM Steelers are great examples of what the village should look and feel like and the GMYFL and the surrounding communities should take the time and recognize true great leadership in it's prime while we can.

The KLM steelers started the 2015 season off on a great note having all but one of there teams UNDEFEATED by week three of the season and was giving the title by the Youthfootballnetwork.com of being the team to beat in the NFC division. All but one of the Steelers team made the playoffs and they finished there interim season in the GMYFL as the 2013 NFC 6U Championships.


HIGHLIGHTS of 2014 Season - NEW !

• Flag team won the GMYFL Championship

• 6U team won the GMYFL Championship

• 12U team won the National Gridiron 365 Maryland State Championship

• 14U team won the GMYFL Championship

• 2nd Best core record in the GMYFL in 2014 (22-10)

Spring Session - - -

Registration is $100

Important NOTICES


Registering your kids for a sports program is a commitment. The teams rely on their mates to be there to do their part in the activity. In particular, please read the rules of football on the CBL website. Missing games could create issues for the continuation in the program. Team up with other parents to car-pool your kids to practice and games. Bring your families to the games to acknowledge the skills of the kids. Know and keep in touch with the Coach!

EXCITING New Addition

KLMSteelers Drum-line and Band – They will make the games super exciting!


We are seeking Cheerleaders to help cheer for the football players. Practice will be held the same time as football Practice. Registration at the field.

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